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It has been a pleasure to present the Build Your Audience! webinar series over the last few weeks. We want to thank all of you for attending. We hope you enjoyed the sessions!

During the sessions, our team wasn’t able to answer all of your great questions. So, we’re following up in this post.

Just a reminder, the webinars are available here on the Magnify website, and on the websites ofBell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, and TELUS Fund.

Now on to the follow up Q&A!

Webinar 1

Question: When we talk about audiences, are we looking at Canadian audiences only?

If you are applying to a Canadian Independent Production Fund (CIPF), it is important to consider local Canadian audiences in your audience development plan. If your project also has international targets, they can be included in your CADP. It will be important, as always, to segment your audiences and to ensure your strategy addresses how you will build reach and engagement in international territories.

Question: Is paid media more important? Do I have to use paid media?

Paid advertising is a powerful means of reaching target audiences across a range of platforms. Digital advertising platforms typically offer advanced targeting features which are great for focussing on clearly defined audience segments. Paid ads work particularly well when used in coordination with organic efforts. We are not aware that producers are required to use paid media.

Question: How do paid media platforms target my audiences?

All of these social media channels are gathering data about their likes and dislikes, which allows marketers to focus their paid ads on users who are most likely to be interested in the projects.

Webinar 2

Question: How do I approach making kids content for TikTok?

Social media platforms can be a great way to connect with your audiences, however social media is not meant to be accessible to all age groups. Generally, the minimum legal age for social media users is 13. To reach kids 12 and under, it is best to create content that will appeal to both kids and their parents or guardian.

Trending content plays an important role in the popularity of TikTok. Trends may offer strategic opportunities to boost your reach to a large audience or to hone in on a niche. While it is important to stay on top of TikTok trends, be mindful of the content you create and whether it will appeal to your target audiences.

TikTok is best suited for short-form content, videos of around 15-30 seconds in length. Is there an influencer on your cast that might front your videos? TikTok is personality driven so it’s usually best if there is a person (or character) attached to the content. Experiment with filters, on screen text and music.

Question: How do I deal with hostile and negative comments?

It is important to develop a community management plan that contemplates how your project will respond to audience comments, which may sometimes be negative. If you content is controversial, you may want to ask an expert to help create a crisis communications plan. Design your response strategy well in advance of your launching your channels. Success is often in the planning. Check out the TELUS Fund website for tip sheets and videos about community management.

Question: Where do I get the budget for audience development when I am trying to raise funds for production?

Some funders now provide financing that is specifically for audience development. Take a look at each funder’s website to learn more about their financing streams.

Question: Has Magnify come on as a partner for the CADP applications? Can a quote be provided?

Magnify Digital has extensive experience assisting producers with the audience development portion of their funding applications. We’d love to set up a call with you to learn more about your project and learn how we can help you with your application. Please send us an email at to set up a consultation.

Question: Does word-of-mouth marketing still work?

Word of mouth marketing is still a highly effective tactic that can grow the viewership of your film, TV or web content. According to research from SEM Rush, word-of-mouth marketing drives $6 trillion in global spending every year. Social media can act like word-of-mouth on steroids.

Webinar 3

Question: Do I need to provide the precise dates for the schedule?

If you do not have exact dates locked in, we suggest creating a timeline broken into phases, with an estimated duration (e.g. weeks or months) for each phase. Key dates can be added later.

Question: What does my paid ad budget need to include?

Paid media budgets should contemplate the costs of creating assets, e.g. videos, images, text, graphics (unless these costs are captured elsewhere). Ad budgets should also include an amount for the media buy (the amount you pay the platform to run your ads) and the labour costs to set up, optimize, and report on your campaigns.

Question: Is it best to hire an expert to build and execute an audience development plan?

Again, we are biased. 🙂 Audience development is a little like production in that skilled specialists generally result in a higher quality product. That’s not to say that we don’t wear multiple hats in both domains. As discussed in the session, there are many tools in the audience development toolkit from paid digital ads to SEO to newsletters and influencers. It’s tough to be great at everything especially when best practices and platforms are constantly evolving.

These strategies also take time to build and execute. If you are struggling to navigate time constraints due to busy production schedules, hiring an expert or agency can be a great way for you to optimize your workflow and set your audience development strategy up for success. When looking for potential agencies or freelancers, make sure to investigate the services that they offer to confirm that they will be able to meet your needs.

Question: Is there an audience development budget template that I can use?

Bell Fund has an audience development template that is available on their website.

If you would like to find out how Magnify Digital can help you with your Comprehensive Audience Development Plan (CADP) or any other audience development needs, please email us at to book a consultation.


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