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Learn how to find, grow, and track audiences online with Magnify Digital Academy. Our virtual and in-person training is tailored to your specific industry and needs.

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Learn how to drive results

Magnify Digital Academy is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of online audience engagement!

Empower yourself or your team with the knowledge to find, connect with, and monitor your target audience online. Whether you’re an individual or an organization in need of game-changing training, our Academy provides you with what you need for your next aha! moment.

Shelley McGaw, Producer

You made us realize that there are many ways to tap into existing audiences and with the proper resource tools, producers don’t need a technical degree to harness that audience. With viewer success factors weighing heavily in the Canadian funding process, ALERT is a great asset to help get an audience and tap into the social media side of publicity right from the first phase of development.

Today's the day!

Talk to our team about Magnify Digital Academy’s online and in-person training packages.

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