Welcome to Magnify Digital! Did you get the memo? The World has Changed

Having a high impact web presence is no
longer an option. It’s a necessity.
Magnify Digital’s proprietary ALERT®
system will help your company become a
super power in the Internet economy.

Our proven bottom-line booster works two ways:

  • Brands and Organizations: We do it for you from online digital strategy design through implementation. ALERT® SERVICES
  • PR/Marketing/Ad Agencies: You create online digital strategies for your clients. We license you the tools. You go the distance. ALERT® LICENSING

Whichever path you pick, ALERT® means measurable Internet and mobile marketing strategies that drive revenue and results.
Hello!  There is money to be made out there if you are ALERT®.

Why Magnify?


As veterans of the digital revolution,
Magnify understands the brave new
world of social business.

We have learned how to capitalize on the burgeoning
dynamics of digital strategy including social media marketing. In an
“ah shucks” kind of way, it has turned us into Digital Prophets of Profit.

Part of our past helped to craft our today. Our sister company, Out To See Entertainment, was our 20-year training ground for authentic storytelling.
We learned to use our real voice – a voice that would resonate with
consumers. We learned about authenticity, two-way conversations and
transparency. We learned that compelling, focused, well-told stories enable you
to engage and hold your audiences – to motivate them into a relationship with your brand.

At Magnify, we show you how to share your stories online, to ensure those stories are read, understood, and remembered. We also help you craft your digital dialogue, allowing for relevant, transparent, forthright conversations with your online audiences.
We’ve translated what we’ve learned into tools, training and expertise to share with others.

It also gave birth to our proprietary web app called ALERT®, an acronym that stands for the five stages of creating and maintaining a successful digital online
strategy. It stands for: Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track.

ALERT® is a tool with Super Powers.

It gets down to business…fast. It is measurable. It has a proven track-record. And it can make you money. Oh, did that get your attention? Learn more.
Link to ALERT® Strategy. Link to ALERT® Licensing.


ALERT® is a proprietary system for creating, implementing and monitoring digital strategies that deliver measurable results. Put another way, ALERT® is Magnify’s pride and joy, built and refined over four years. It is one of the things that make us different from every other digital strategy agency.
stands for Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track


Magnify identifies client goals, target audiences, reviews
existing digital assets – websites, blogs, social media profiles
- to gauge what’s working and what needs to be tweaked, redeveloped
or kaboom’ed and reinvented.


“Build it and they will come?” Not necessarily. It often makes more sense to join a crowd that’s already gathered. Magnify identifies the online haunts your consumer is now inhabiting … and we will take you there.


“Sticky” is a word used to describe web content. Sticky means memorable, interactive and compelling. It is content you come back to and share with friends. Creating sticky content is Magnify’s domain of expertise. We can power-out eye-popping vids, quirky copy, and cutting edge apps.


Today, it’s all about creating engaging two-way conversations with your customers. And when you do, guess what? They talk back. Ask tough questions. Give great feedback. We show you how to stand and deliver; to create and inspire dynamic conversations.


Tracking or monitoring is an important and ongoing part of the ALERT® system. Our detailed monthly analysis gives website traffic info, trends and customer behaviour, allowing us to adjust the online marketing plan in order to ensure ongoing results.

Our Clients

At Magnify, we have had the privilege to work with some great businesses and organizations on their online strategies. Here is a selection of current and past clients.

  • 2010 Cultural Olympiad – Canada CODE
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  • Hotel Grand Pacific
  • Canadian Magnetic Imaging
  • Whistler Film Festival
  • Canadian Film Centre
  • District of Maple Ridge
  • Switch United Design
  • Great Pacific Mortgage & Investments
  • Timberlake
  • Bright Negawatts
  • Main Street Communications
  • Ideastream Design
  • Ki Communications