If connecting with your target audiences online and on mobile matters to you…
you matter to us.

The Magnify Digital team specializes in researching, creating, and implementing high impact online and mobile marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. Whether you have a valuable product or service to sell, or the next best TV series to share, the Magnify team will show you how to create a purposeful and powerful online and mobile presence.

We are an agency focused solely on digital. While we play nicely with traditional marketing and advertising types, you will not find those services here. You will find a team with a tight focus and deep expertise in media, business, and web strategy.

ALERT® is Magnify’s market advantage – the framework for all our digital strategy work and the engine that enables us to consistently deliver results. Built and refined over five years, ALERT enables the Magnify team to assess projects, locate audiences, engage target markets, respond to feedback, and track results.

Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track. That’s ALERT.

If you don’t have a strategic online presence, if your product or service isn’t marvellous on mobile, you’re leaving money on the table. ALERT® is here to put those dollars where they belong – in your pocket.

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