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Magnify Digital Expands Audience Development Pilot with Key Partners

In a groundbreaking collaboration to equip Canadian producers with innovative technology and skills to drive viewership, the Canada Media Fund (CMF), Telefilm Canada, and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) are joining founding sponsors – Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, and TELUS Fund – to expand Magnify Digital's Audience Development Pilot.

The initiative leverages ScreenMiner™️, a first-of-its-kind tool developed and owned by Magnify Digital. ScreenMiner™️ empowers producers and filmmakers by providing invaluable data to understand audiences, enhance marketing strategies, and increase viewership for their film, TV, and web content.

"We are delighted to welcome the CMF, Telefilm, and the NFB to the Audience Development Pilot. Their support is essential in expanding the scope of the initiative and opening new doors for content creators to connect meaningfully with their audiences,” said Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, and TELUS Fund in a joint statement.

The CMF, Telefilm, and the NFB echoed the enthusiasm: “We are committed to supporting initiatives that propel our industry forward. The Audience Development Pilot is a testament to the power of partnership and innovation in the Canadian media landscape. The initiative is visionary, providing the Canadian screen industry with new resources, abilities, and unprecedented insights to build audiences around film, TV, and web content."

ScreenMiner™️ aggregates data from a variety of sources such as social media, video sharing platforms, broadcaster VODs, websites, ad campaigns, uploads, and manual inputs, and offers a comprehensive view of where today's audience consumes content.

Select projects funded by Bell Fund, the NFB, Shaw Rocket Fund, and TELUS Fund receive a free 24-month subscription to ScreenMiner™️. Production companies funded by CMF and Telefilm that are interested in accessing a ScreenMiner™️ license are invited to fill out a short form with details about their project.

"Together with our partners, we are committed to advancing the Audience Development Pilot and amplifying the reach and impact of Canadian content. The aim is to establish a new standard for building and evaluating audience success for film, TV, and web content," stated Moyra Rodger, CEO of Magnify Digital.

The expansion of the Audience Development Pilot represents a pivotal moment in advancing the Canadian media industry, fostering collaboration, and embracing technological solutions to drive the discoverability and success of Canadian content on a global scale.

About ScreenMiner™️

ScreenMiner™️ – a cutting-edge tool developed and owned by Magnify Digital – is designed to empower producers and filmmakers by providing an expanded data set to enhance marketing strategies and boost viewership for film, TV, and web content.

Interactive visualizations generated by ScreenMiner™️ reveal key audience and content trends, while a new survey tool developed with OCAD-U, Mitacs, and TELUS Fund enables users to gauge the impact of their content on audiences. The game-changing platform also facilitates quick and easy audience and sales reporting to funders, streamlining the process for content creators.

ScreenMiner’s standardized and expandable database enables unprecedented opportunities for benchmarking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to surface trends and best practices for building both domestic and global audiences. The ScreenMiner™️ team provides users with hands-on support and training, and also offers managed services for companies looking for additional support.


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