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Audience & Impact! Webinar

Updated: Jan 16

Screen media producers have unprecedented opportunities to reach and build audiences. But it’s not easy. Driving awareness and engagement for film, TV and web content in a world where audiences enjoy near endless choice is no small feat. And visibility is only the beginning for projects that aim to inspire change.

Awareness is a pre-requisite for impact. Audiences need to know content exists in order to engage with it. Engagement then creates the potential for audiences to be moved, inspired, called to action.

Creators often approach audience development and impact producing with both excitement and skepticism. In our FREE 90-minute webinar, a panel of international experts demystified the processes, discussed best practices, and delivered tips producers can use to drive measurable success for their projects.

Attendees discovered:

  • Audience development and impact producing – what’s the difference?

  • Metrics for measuring success

  • Researching and validating target markets

  • Driving reach, impact, and revenue

  • Working with partners and platforms

Presented by Magnify Digital. Sponsored by Creative BC and TELUS Fund.


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