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TELUS Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to financing exceptional content that promotes the well-being of people in their environment, engaged Magnify Digital to grow the funder’s social media audience and drive viewership of their funded films and series. The aim was to increase TELUS Fund's online presence and engage a wider audience to create more awareness and support for their health-focused screen media projects

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After a deep dive into TELUS Fund's existing online footprint, Magnify Digital developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve the stated objectives. The multifaceted approach included updates to the TELUS Fund website, as well as paid media and organic social media tactics across various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Google Search.

Magnify revamped the Project Showcase page on TELUS Fund's website. The new design modernized the TELUS Fund brand and created a visually engaging and user-friendly experience.


Advanced filtering options enabled visitors to easily navigate through the diverse range of projects. A prominent carousel at the top of the page was introduced to highlight specific projects, capturing the attention of visitors from the moment they landed on the page. Project trailers were added to further entice viewers. Magnify implemented a recommendation feature to drive the discoverability of similar content.

Thematic videos, crafted to resonate with specific audience segments and interest, were used in paid media campaigns. "New Releases" campaigns were designed to promote recently launched films and series, achieving significant success in terms of engagement and clicks.

Structured content calendars and a consistent stream of high-quality organic posts enlivened the social media channels and deepened engagement with audiences. 


The Project Showcase has earned over 50K views. TELUS Fund's social media following has grown by 789% - from 854 to over 7,600 targeted users across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The redesigned Project Showcase page elevated the overall user experience, resulting in an increased awareness of the content, prolonged website visits, and increased exploration of projects.

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