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Freedom Biker Tours, a Canadian motorcycle tour operator, faced challenges enhancing their brand presence, boosting web traffic, and driving bookings for their 2023 tours. Considering their niche-market focus and the evolving post-COVID tourism landscape, they required a tailored digital strategy.

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Magnify Digital undertook a detailed assessment of Freedom Biker Tours' brand and goals, crafting a tailored strategy to address their unique needs.


To assess and optimize Freedom Biker Tours’ online visibility, Magnify Digital conducted a comprehensive SEO audit aimed at enhancing the website's presence in search engine results. The Magnify team implemented optimizations designed to address the issues identified in the audit, not only to improve visibility but also to attract organic traffic. These optimizations ensured that the website resonated with the target audience of niche motorcycle enthusiasts.


Magnify Digital identified Facebook and Instagram as the optimal platforms for Freedom Biker Tours to connect with motorcycle enthusiasts. These platforms provided a dynamic space to engage with the niche community, aligning with the brand's goals. Content optimization on both platforms was a key focus, ensuring that every post resonated with the distinctive interests and preferences of biker enthusiasts. The brand’s tone of voice was infused throughout the content, creating a cohesive and authentic online presence that effectively captured the spirit of Freedom Biker Tours.


To amplify the reach and impact, a targeted paid ads campaign was executed across key platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search. Magnify Digital employed data-driven strategies, carefully considering the intricacies of the target audience and the competitive landscape.


Freedom Biker Tours successfully launched their inaugural Summer 2023 tour, with early bookings already underway for the 2024 season.


Magnify Digital's website optimization achieved 71.6K impressions in key regions, including Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. Simultaneously, the average engagement time increased, signalling heightened user interaction and content interest.

On Facebook and Instagram, the combined reach surpassed 1.02 million users, demonstrating the effectiveness of organic social media optimizations. This effort not only enhanced visibility but also generated significant engagement, with 55K interactions and 56.4K link clicks. The approach fostered a community around the brand, gaining 3.2K new followers.


The paid ads campaign excelled in driving traffic, securing 52.6K link clicks. Outperforming industry benchmarks, it achieved an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.46%, surpassing the industry average by 91%. Maintaining a low average cost per click (CPC) of $0.16, it outperformed the industry average by $0.47. 


The holistic success across the website, organic social media, and paid ads showcased the effectiveness of Magnify Digital's tailored digital strategy for Freedom Biker Tours, resulting in increased web traffic, heightened brand awareness, and early bookings for the 2024 season.

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