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Destination British Columbia (Destination BC) aimed to empower tourism businesses across the province with the necessary marketing skills and strategies to thrive in the digital landscape. They partnered with Magnify Digital, recognized experts in digital marketing, to deliver comprehensive services through the Power Up! program and the Tourism Digital Academy. The challenge was to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to enhance their digital presence, attract visitors, and drive sustainable growth.

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Magnify Digital collaborated closely with Destination BC to deliver exceptional consulting services and training modules to participants. Our team of skilled digital marketers conducted in-depth assessments, audits, and discovery meetings to understand each business's unique needs, pain points, goals, and target audiences.


In the Power Up! program, Magnify provided mentorship across digital strategy, SEO, and digital advertising.


  • Digital Strategy

Magnify worked with program participants to develop high-level digital marketing plans tailored to their specific goals. The Magnify team reviewed existing marketing documentation and analyzed available analytics to gain insights into the current marketing channels and programs. Through discussions and collaboration, attainable short and long-term marketing goals were identified. Participants received advice on measuring the effectiveness of ongoing marketing efforts, recommended priority marketing tactics and channels, and offered supporting educational resources for continuous improvement.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Magnify’s SEO experts performed comprehensive technical and content audits of participants' websites to identify areas for improvement. Focused was placed on addressing fundamental technical issues that could impact SEO performance and conducted site content audits to optimize on-page elements. The team assisted in creating or claiming essential tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help businesses monitor ongoing SEO issues and measure the impact of their optimization efforts. Participants were also guided in enhancing their Google My Business profiles, conducting citation audits, and implementing outreach campaigns to improve their website's visibility and authority.


  • Digital Advertising

For businesses interested in digital advertising, Magnify offered an overview training session on various paid digital media channels, including social, search, display, and video advertising. Participants gained valuable insights into the best practices and optimal utilization of each channel. The team provided training and support to set up, monitor, and report digital ads based on the identified priorities and available budget. Through hands-on guidance, businesses were empowered to leverage digital advertising effectively to reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing objectives.


As part of the Tourism Digital Academy, Magnify Digital conducted two essential modules: SEO and digital analytics. In the SEO module, participants were introduced to the fundamentals of SEO, emphasizing the importance of website optimization, and understanding the various components of effective SEO strategies. Participants were taken through a website audit, providing actionable insights to optimize their sites for improved visibility and search engine rankings. In the digital analytics module, the module focused on Google Analytics 4 and educated participants on its significance in measuring website performance and visitor behavior. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, participants were taught the importance of digital analytics and shown how to correctly set up their Google Analytics 4 accounts for accurate tracking and data analysis.


The collaboration between Magnify Digital and Destination BC resulted in significant outcomes for participating tourism businesses. By leveraging the team’s digital strategy expertise, businesses left the program with high-level digital marketing plans, actionable tactics, and guidance on prioritizing marketing efforts. Magnify’s SEO services led to improved website performance, optimized content, enhanced technical elements, and increased visibility in search engine results. Participants gained a deeper understanding of SEO principles and received valuable educational resources to support their future SEO efforts. Additionally, businesses that ventured into digital advertising experienced enhanced campaign management capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their advertising investments.

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