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Meet The Team

Moyra Rodger

Dave Glazier.jpeg

Dave Glazier

Agency Lead

Dave leads the Magnify Digital agency. He is a creative content marketing professional with experience across three continents and a master’s degree in digital marketing.

Get to know Dave

Hometown and what it’s known for: My home 'town' is in fact a very small village in a rural part of the UK. I don't think it's known for anything in particular, except perhaps for the fact that it is very flat!

When I'm not working, I'm happiest doing: I love being outdoors in nature -- hiking, camping, visiting the lakes, etc!

A cause I'm passionate about: I'm passionate about helping kids learn healthy habits around diet and exercise

What drew you to the marketing/screen media industry: I find this to be a very dynamic and inspirational space - full of creative stories and diverse perspectives

A hidden talent of mine: Making it on time to aeroplanes. I've only ever missed one.

Favourite movie: Count of Monte Cristo

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