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Facebook Allows Users to Tag Pages In Photos

Facebook announced today that users uploading photos to their individual profiles would now be able to tag Facebook Pages (ie: Brands, Businesses, Personalities, etc) in their photos. Tagged Page photos will only appear if a user’s setting is set to be visible to everyone. The new functionality of this feature is available to all Pages at this time.

This new tagging feature creates a link between users’ photos and brands, but most importantly, may present new discoveries of brands and people. This would be very beneficial to companies looking to increase its Page’s fan base.

But here is the big difference in how this photo tagging is unlike what we’re used to: Unlike personal profiles, tagged photos will appear in the Photos tab of a Page, instead of a Page’s Wall. The other difference is that a user doesn’t have to be a fan or have “Liked” a Page to be able to tag Pages in photos. If a Page owner doesn’t want users to tag his/her Page in a photo, then he/she can disable this feature by going into Edit Page > Posting Options > and unchecking “Users can add photos.”

This could be a fantastically free advertising opportunity or endorsement opportunity. Then again, it could instead open the door to misuse, abuse, and ridicule. Time will tell.

Photo source: Insidefacebook.com

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How to Get More Fans on Facebook

“Need to attract more fans to your Facebook page?”
“ Offer more engaging content.”

Hmm.. I don’t know about you, but for me something about that solution doesn’t quite feel satisfying.
Oh.. I know why. Because it’s vague and not very actionable.
Yet time and time again, this is the leading advice you’ll find for solving the problem of sluggish fan uptake on a Facebook Page.

It’s not that the advice is wrong… it’s just hard to apply  if you don’t know how to engage your fans, or in which way they want to be engaged. Certainly, trial and error is a big piece of the puzzle. But I think the key is finding a way to be engaging that is unique to your company or organization AND that is innovative enough to stand out from the pack. Let’s face it. A Facebook Page, while once a rare and forward-thinking component of a company’s online offering, is now commonplace. Just two short years ago, it was hard to find a company that had a Facebook Page. Now it’s hard to find one that doesn’t.

People need a reason to flock to your Facebook Page in the first place. And then they need a reason to return. If they get a laugh the first time… and see from past activity that this is what they can expect, they might be hooked. If they see that every Wednesday morning you stream live video from your office in which you have show dogs performing tricks, they might be back next week for a second look.

The bottom line is this.  If you have a Facebook Page, have an objective.  What is the reason you’re there?  What is it that you want your fans to do or get?  Then measure the performance of that objective using Facebook Insights or web analytics or both.

It may take some experimentation.  When you find an approach that works, feels right for you and your fans, commit to it and keep delivering.

What Facebook Pages do you ‘like’ and why?


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