What matters to you?

At Magnify Digital, we know high impact online and mobile strategies are rooted in data and powered by tactics that are both creative and measurable. Whether you need to build a powerful online footprint for your film, TV, web, or trans-media property, or your amazing product or service, the Magnify team has a disciplined and proven process for helping you meet and exceed your objectives.

The process unfolds in three phases.

1. Job one is getting clear on what you need your digital presence to achieve. Then, we analyze your existing footprint online and on mobile, that of your competitors and target audiences. Next, we assess opportunities and barriers that will boost or block your goals. These essential findings are shaped into a comprehensive document that always contains AHA! moments.

2. With the assessment findings and deep target audience insights in hand, we devise a detailed strategy that will deliver measurable results. The explosion of smart phone and tablet use means mobile is always an important part of the plan. Our team matches tools to objectives, from search engine optimization to social advertising, rich content to native apps, and beyond. For every channel, we outline the objectives, content approach, publishing timelines, action list, and success metrics.

3. “Go time.” Our strategies can be turn-key (implemented entirely by the Magnify team on an ongoing basis), D-I-Y (carried out entirely by the client’s in-house team) or a hybrid of both with Magnify offering specific expertise (e.g. search advertising, content generation, mobile marketing), tracking/reporting, and training.

Services at a glance

  • ALERT® Assessment
    Find out what is working for your business online, where your target audiences are clustering, and how your competitors are wowing or wobbling in their digital outreach.
  • ALERT® Strategy
    A laser focused plan for driving measurable results.
  • SEO
    So you have a shiny new website? We’ll make sure people find it.
  • Mobile Marketing
    Personalized, high context situational messaging delivered directly to a customer’s mobile device, in-app advertising, virtual reality experiences are among the exciting, powerful mobile tools that can deliver rich experiences and inspire deep loyalty among target audiences.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    The right ad, served at the right time, in the right place can really “click” with customers … and your bottom line.  Learn more.
  • Social Media Advertising
    Social media ads, when targeted and orchestrated to work with objective driven landing pages can drive traffic, traction and conversions. Learn more.
  • Social Community Management
    Once your customers start talking it’s essential to listen and respond. We’ll manage your social media communities, or support your team in building deep and lasting connections.
  • Video and Rich Content Creation
    We bring to the table a rich history of award winning television production via our sister company, Out To See Entertainment, We know how to create your compelling content … and best of all, we’ll make sure people see it.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Monitoring results and adjusting course ensures you are getting what you need from every dollar. And that matters … a lot.