In 2013 – Magnify What Matters

Finding a place that feels comfortable in this digital society is about understanding both the context and the tools. We all want to know what’s out there that can expand our reach, network, imagination – you name it. At the same time we want a sense of the larger implications. Through 2013, to get us all in the groove, the Magnify team have selected particular issues to follow. We’ll be bringing you the big picture as well as the up-close – to help make sense of our changing environment- and to magnify what matters.

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Moyra keeps an eye on the changing face of what we’re watching and how

When it comes to content, our habits are changing on all fronts – not only what we consume but when, where and how. So we need to find new business models to match. I’ll be exploring what businesses should be doing to re-imagine their products and profit models – as well as the organizational structure and corporate culture that support them.

Erin sizes up the tools and trends

I’ll help you keep track of what’s new, what’s working and what’s next in the digital universe. That means searching out trends and opportunities in emerging social networks and technologies – as well as revisiting existing tools to see how the old online favourites stack up against fresh competition.

Rae tests the concept of private exposure

Social media and interactivity are the keys to unbelievable access and speed but plugging into the world is a two-way connection. If that makes you feel like pushing pause – you’re not alone. I’ll be exploring how to manage what’s public and private, and how to make sense of changing online protocols. What do we need to know to make our own decisions about what’s exposure – and overexposed?

Victor steps back to get a broader view of the digital plane – or maybe it’s not a plane at all?

I believe innovation, inspiration and ingenuity begins with someone asking “What if…?” In the midst of daily pressures, we’re too close to it all to consider how things could be different. By taking a step back to challenge current norms and limitations imposed by today’s online environment, maybe, just maybe, we’ll discover a spark that inspires a new way of thinking…..

Aidan tunes in to Social TV

I will be staying tuned-in to the latest movers and shakers in the world of Social TV. 2012 showed us how innovative broadcasters and producers were getting with their use of social media across numerous platforms. Reality & sports TV genres have created the most buzz online so far but as we progress into 2013 I will watch and report how other TV genres such as news & dramatic series engage their audiences online.

Maryam zeroes in on the human impact

I’m interested in the consequences of the online information overload. How is the clutter affecting the way our brains function – both how we process information and how we keep up with the pace? I’ll shed a few pounds from this weighty topic by investigating the best way to digest all the digital incoming without getting bogged down.