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Your Business in Search Results – Did Google Get it Right?

Oftentimes when you Google a business, you will see a box at the top right hand corner of the search results page. The box typically contains a map, business name and contact information, and sometimes reviews and photos. All very handy information to have, especially when searching on a phone. On mobile, this box is
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Google’s New Rules Play Out. Five Tips to Adapt & Thrive.

Google changed its algorithm. Again. Yawn. Wait. This one might hit your bottom line. Every company, every organization – big, medium and small – needs to pay attention. Google constantly tweaks its algorithms to improve the quality of search results. This time, it’s all about searching on smartphones. Google has boosted the ranking of web
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The Canucks Fan Experience: 6-Year Evolution

It’s NHL playoff season and with it comes the intense focus, racing pulses, and the need to refuel and rehydrate with chicken wings and beer. Yes, it’s a tough time for fans. As an avid Canucks fan, I’m happy to see the Vancouver Canucks make it back to the playoffs. With some seismic changes in
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Discoverability Starts Here: Editorial by Magnify Digital CEO

Published in Playback on Monday, March 30, 2015. The CRTC decisions delivered by Jean-Pierre Blais last week sent successive shock waves through the Canadian production and broadcast communities. Mr. Blais presented a secondary point that reverberated less, though its implications are also significant and far-reaching. In his March 12th address to the Canadian Club of
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Engaging Second Screen Users Through Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

How often do you reach for your phone while watching TV? Perhaps there’s no need to reach because the device never left your hand. Second screening, or using an additional screen (typically a smartphone or tablet) while watching TV, has become the norm. According to a 2014 US report, 79% of TV viewers use a
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