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E-commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

If you own a small business and want to sell products online, you may be wondering where to start. Should you build an e-commerce website? Or work with what you’ve got, adding a shopping cart and checkout? Begin by asking yourself a couple of questions. How happy are you with your existing website? What do
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Are Ghost Referrals and Spam Web Crawlers Haunting your Google Analytics Account?

When was the last time you looked at your website’s Google Analytics account? If it has been a month or more, you might be in for a scare when you log in. Ghost referrals and ultimately, inaccurate website traffic data are the problem. Boo! Ghost referrals and spam crawler bots are automated software programs that
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Playback: Cracking the discoverability conundrum

Published in Playback by Megan Haynes on Thursday, May 4, 2015. From Playback magazine: Ahead of this fall’s CRTC Discoverability Summit, a panel of six marketing and media experts weigh in on strategies for getting Cancon in front of Canadians. How do you get eyeballs onto your show? Is it a matter of blanketing the
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Google+ Local Page Screenshot

Your Business in Search Results – Did Google Get it Right?

Oftentimes when you Google a business, you will see a box at the top right hand corner of the search results page. The box typically contains a map, business name and contact information, and sometimes reviews and photos. All very handy information to have, especially when searching on a phone. On mobile, this box is
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Good news

Google’s New Rules Play Out. Five Tips to Adapt & Thrive.

Google changed its algorithm. Again. Yawn. Wait. This one might hit your bottom line. Every company, every organization – big, medium and small – needs to pay attention. Google constantly tweaks its algorithms to improve the quality of search results. This time, it’s all about searching on smartphones. Google has boosted the ranking of web
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