Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl Ad for 30 Seconds or the Entire Internet for 4 Hours?

Some of us, myself included, might admit to watching the Super Bowl for some non-football related reasons: The halftime show The snacks The much hyped commercials, especially in the US According to Advertising Age, NBC sold all 70 Super Bowl ad slots, at a whopping $4.5 million for each 30 second spot. The well-paying advertisers
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Corporate Holiday Greetings: How to Avoid a Backfire

I love the holidays. I am not a Scrooge. So, please forgive this somewhat Scrooge-y post. I have received many e-greetings from firms who are genuine in their intentions to wish their customers, friends, and  valued partners, all the best of the season. A few small firms have personalized the card with the names of
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Creating a Digital Strategy is Like Cooking a Meal: A Simple Analogy

Creating and executing a digital marketing strategy is a lot like cooking a meal. The following table helps make the comparison. Cooking Digital Marketing Ingredients Content (text, images, video) Fresh ingredients make food taste better. Fresh content make messaging more attractive. Tools (stove, oven, mixing bowl, etc.) Tools (Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc.) Depending what tools
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Online Fortune Teller: Sort Of

The Google Trends interface has evolved over the years, making the tool a lot more user friendly. Here are a few graphs generated in Google Trends that show how data can be presented and compared using the tool. Whatsapp vs. WeChat vs. Skype Facebook vs. Twitter vs. YouTube vs. LinkedIn vs. Myspace Social Media vs.
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How to Fight Comment Spam

Opening your website or blog to 2-way communication is a great way to connect online with your target audience. Unfortunately, there’s a tradeoff; comment spam generated by automated programs are a common occurrence. Comment spam can be annoying to deal with, but there are steps you can take to ensure only quality comments appear on
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