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Google Analytics

Tracking Website Events With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool for tracking website user statistics. The standard, out of the box code and installation provides a vast amount of valuable information. However, the tool becomes even more valuable when customized. One of these customizations is to track website events. Measuring how many people convert, or take an
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Fashion Blogging Tips

5 Tips for Creating Tip Top Fashion Blogs

October 15, 2015 There are countless fashion blogs online and competition is fierce. For every Tuula Vintage or Gary Pepper Girl, there are countless others that will only make it onto their bestie’s Bloglovin’ feed. Those with the most flair attract the lion’s share of eyeballs, fans, and likes. But it’s their blogging sense as
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Discoverability Roadmap

How to Build a Discoverability Roadmap

October 1, 2015 Over the past few weeks, we have explored discoverability as both a journey and destination. We’ve looked at the importance of clearly defining the target audience(s) for your content, and the tools available for locating those audiences online. Now it’s time for the next leg of the journey -– creating a roadmap
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Octo- What!? – Oh, You Mean Hashtag

September 24, 2015 Did you know the official name of the hashtag symbol (#) is octothorpe? It might seem silly for Twitter users to call the hashtag, octothorpe, but I bet it already seems silly to non-Twitter users that we call the number sign (or pound sign) a hashtag. No matter what you call it,
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find your voice concept

Watch Your Tone! Why Your Brand Voice Matters

September 17, 2015 I recently had an encounter with WestJet on Twitter. It was quick, quirky, and it made me think about brand voice and why it matters. It all started on my way home from vacation. I was northbound from Los Angeles. Flight attendants were just beginning their routine shuffle down the aisles to
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